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Local 991 Officers and Staff

Executive Board Members (Left to Right)

Seated: Frank Davis (Vice President), Jim Gookins (Secretary-Treasurer/Business Manager), Keith Salmon (Recording Secretary).

Standing: Donald Toussaint (Trustee),  James Degeyter (Trustee), Bill Ezell (Trustee), Lavon Lindsey (President/Business Agent). Not pictured: Marvin Johnson (Trustee)

Teamsters Local Union 991 is governed by it's Executive Board, which is comprised of 7 members from various Companies represented by the Local Union. The "E-Board" meets monthly to discuss and review the finances of the Local Union, and determine the direction of the Organization. The Executive Board members are elected by a majority vote of the Local Membership in an election held every three years. All dues paying members in good standing are eligible to run for Local Union office.



 Jim Gookins, Secretary-Treasurer/Business Manager

The Secretary/Treasurer is also the Business Manager of the Local Union. As Business Manager or "Principal Officer" of the Local Union,   he has the job of overseeing the Local Union's operations and finances. He is the Supervisor of the Business Agents and Office Staff, and is responsible for the financial stability of the Local Union's finances.

Lavon Lindsey, President/Business Agent

The President of the Local Union is required to preside at all General Membership and Executive Board Meetings, enforce the International Constitution and Local Union By-Laws, to counter-sign all checks written by the Secretary-Treasurer, and to see that all other officers perform their duties.


 Frank Davis, Vice President

The Vice President is required to fill in for the President at Executive Board and General Membership Meetings in the absence of the President.


 Keith Salmon, Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary of the Local Union is required to attend General Membership Meetings of the Local Union and the Local Union Executive Board and to keep Minutes of the proceedings. He is also responsible for keeping records of the names of the members comprising each committee and handling all correspondence of the Local Union assigned by the President.


The Trustees are responsible for conducting monthly examinations of the books of the Local Union and to report the results at the Membership Meetings. They are also required to sign the books of the Secretary-Treasurer if they have found them correct and the bank balances verified.

         Bill Ezell


       James Degeyter

Office Staff:

Teamsters Local 991 office is staffed by 2 employees who handle the day-to-day office operations, assist the membership with dues, insurance & pension issues, as well as various other needs.

Cynthia Powe, Administrative Assistant, Titan Operator, Part-time Business Agent

Debbie Salmon, Bookkeeper, Benefits Coordinator

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